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Season 1:[]

Episode 1 "Blood Price, Part 1" March 11, 2007 PI Vicki Nelson witnesses a gruesome murder – except because of her failing eyesight, she’s not really sure what she saw. Her old police colleague, detective Mike Cellucci, warns her against getting involved. But when a young, heartbroken Goth begs Vicki to investigate her boyfriend's death, Vicki can't help but open up the strangest case of her life. Meanwhile, Henry Fitzroy, a concerned citizen of Toronto, also decides to look into the murders lest they be blamed on a vampire –

himself for example.

Episode 2 "Blood Price, Part 2" March 11,


As the death toll climbs, Vicki and Henry try to find who has been summoning demons.


Bad JuJu March

18, 2007

A woman's search for her missing brother gets Vicki attacked by a zombie and mixed up in voodoo.


Gifted March

25, 2007

A grandmother hires Vicki to look for her granddaughter's missing father after the girl's mother is killed. Mike looks into Henry's background.
Episode 5 Deadly Departed April 1, 2007 A sinister voicemail message leads a widow to suspect that her husband did not die of a heart attack.
Episode 6 Love Hurts April 8, 2007 When a client's wife turns up dead, Vicki pivots from investigating possible infidelity to defending him against possible murder charges.
Episode 7 Heart of Ice April 15, 2007 Vicki struggles to get the police to investigate the disappearance of four homeless people.
Episode 8 Heart of Fire April 22, 2007 Vicki and her allies race against time to rescue Henry.
Episode 9 Stone Cold April 29, 2007
Episode 10 Necrodrome May 6, 2007
Episode 11 Post Partum May 13, 2007
Episode 12 Norman May 20, 2007

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