Blood Ties Wiki


Blood Ties is based on the "Blood Books" by Tanya Huff.

Vicki Nelson: Vicki is a 29 year old ex-cop, who is slowly going blind because of Retinitis Pigmentosa. Vicki is narrow minded but that opened up alot, after she discovered magic. Vicki's narrow mind often clashes with Coreens open mind. Vicki loves Coreen like the little sister she never had.

Henry Fitzroy: Henry is a 480 year old vampire/artist who lives a quiet life, painting and drawing graphic novels (comic books). Henry is deeply attracted to Vicki's willful nature.

Mike Celluci: Mike is a 31 year old cop, who is Vicki's ex-lover and ex-partner. Mike loves Vicki and he knows she loves him as well, even if she doesn't say it. Mike is jealous of Henry.

Coreen Fennel: Coreen is a hard-core goth chick, who lives in the gothic underworld. Coreen is very open-minded and looks up to Vicki as the older sister she never had.

Dr. Rajani Mohadevan: Rajani is a mortician who is facsinated by death, she seems to know more about magic than Coreen. Rajani also seems to know that Henry is a vampire, but doesn't seem bothered with it at all.

Crowley: Crowley is Vicki's arch-rival, she is a terrible excuse for a cop. Crowley made her way up the police corperate ladder, by bribery and false promises. Crowley uses her power to give her friends higher influence in the corperate world. Crowley is Mike's boss.

Kate Lam: Kate is a fellow rookie cop, who is in love with Mike, there's just one problem; he doesn't love her back. Kate and Vicki hate each other which is painfully obvious to Coreen, Crowley and every other woman that sees them talk. Henry Mike and all the other men don't seem to notice.

Astaroth: Astaroth is known as the king of demons, he has limitless power. Vicki is the only person who can stop him. How? with the magical pentagrams on her wrists.